Ironing board: Know the history and facts

It can be safely stated that the popularity for the best ironing board has been increasing with each passing day. They are rather a must have in every modern home and especially among those who are eager to wear well ironed dresses. These days, one can come across various brands, types and models of ironing boards to be purchased for their home and hence, these products are rather taken for granted.

Early times

But about 100 years ago, these items were rather regarded to be novelty stuffs and just had started to being found in the stores across the United States. Previous to that for centuries, people were noticed to press clothes keeping them on any flat surface available. For instance, during the 9th century, the Viking womenfolk were noticed to make use of flat pieces taken from whalebone. It is on this that their clothes were pressed by using heated rocks.

The modern ironing boards

With time, in Europe, people started to iron clothes on their kitchen table or probably on any flat board piece that rested between two chairs. Later, this practice was seen to have spread across North American homes. During the early 19th century, housekeeping books showed clear evidence of suggestions offered about the size of the ironing table that was to be used, the material it should be created of and the type of cloth or blanket it is to be covered with.

It is during this time that numerous ironing boards could be seen to make its presence in the market. However, it is not absolutely clear about the actual inventor of the ironing board.

Some inventors

  • Vandenburg had patented in 1858 an ironing table.
  • After three years, in 1861, Isaac Ronnie Bord, a resident of Georgetown, Delaware patented an adjustable horizontal flat surface that can be used to press bed linen, garments and undergarments.
  • Sarah Boone, an Afro-American woman in 1892 had patented a board which is considered to be the starting of the modern ironing board of folding system. It had curved, narrow shape that was designed to make ironing shirts a much easier process.

The term ‘iron’ is said be derived from the fact that the materials used for pressing clothes were created using heavy cast iron. Usually, these were heated no a coal burning stove, wood or at the hearth. With more improvements being made in the ironing boards, there were noticed developments made in the iron that got much lighter in weight and also was powered by electricity. Thus, the best ironing board made ironing an effortless, easy, less time consuming and a trouble and hassle free task. The reputed manufacturers by 1940 were said to be producing collapsible, all metal ironing boards having tubular legs. Since then, its basic design has not changed much.

Ironing board accessories

These do make wonderful additions to the laundry rooms, as they add immense convenience to the ironing process. They do make ironing a much easier and effortless task and the clothes to become wrinkle free. Now, the wrinkles on the garments can be easily straightened on the cushioned surface. Also, the ironing process is made less stressful as you can perform your task comfortably in standing position. Once ironing is completed the iron boxes can be kept in the provided storage spaces. Some of the popular types available in the market are the multi-height adjustment and counter top models. The large sized boards are sturdy and strong.

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